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TMJ Treatment In Orlando FL

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When your temporomandibular joints ( TMJ) – the joints responsible for smooth jaw motion – function smoothly, you don’t think about them. But when they’re aggravated by stress, bruxism (teeth grinding), trauma, or other factors, they’re all you can think about! The discomfort that occurs when these joints malfunction can severely impact your quality of life. You may experience one or more of the following TMJ-related symptoms:

  • Chronic headaches, including migraines
  • Jaw-clicking when you speak or chew
  • An inability to fully open and close your mouth
  • Unexplained facial, neck, shoulder, or jaw pain
  • Tingling in your fingers

We Can Help!

Dr. Khan is a LVI-trained neuromuscular dentist who uses state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and treat TMJ disorder. He’ll conduct a thorough examination to isolate the source of your discomfort, then prescribe customized treatment to deliver relief.

Your Comprehensive Examination

  • Many people with TMJ disorder unknowingly clench their jaws and grind their teeth, a condition called bruxism. Dr. Khan will check your teeth for excessive or unusual wear patterns to see if you, too, suffer from this condition.
  • We’ll use a TENS to locate optimal jaw position. This comfortable, non-invasive technology emits small electrical pulses that increase blood flow to remove toxins and ease stressed jaw muscles. When jaw muscles relax, they settle into their ideal position.
  • Our K-7 scanning unit will record your jaw’s proper position, create 3D models for treatment planning, and alert Dr. Khan to jaw joint damage.

Customized TMJ Treatment

Dr. Khan will assess of the information gathered from your exam and determine the appropriate TMJ treatment for your unique needs. He may suggest a custom-made nightguard to ease stressed jaw muscles and encourage proper neuromuscular alignment. We can also provide stress management tips and suggest lifestyle changes that encourage healthy function.

Changing smiles and lives through quality dentistry . Hunter’s Creek Dental Center gives Central Florida including Orlando, Hunters Creek, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, and surrounding areas beautiful, lasting smiles. Call today to schedule your TMJ assessment with neuromuscular dentist Dr. Khan.

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