Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Don’t let gum disease lead to an emergency dental procedure. The best way to keep your gums healthy is to take preventative measures such as regular brushing and flossing. However, if you do find yourself needing gum disease therapy, here are some treatment options to consider.

If your gum disease is mild, you may simply need to change your daily care habits. A dentist can train you the proper technique for flossing and brushing.

If you have a lot of calculus, the hardened material that forms from plaque, you may need to get scaling and root planing. If the soft tissue has been infected, laser dentistry may be required.

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Choosing a Dental Implant Professional

Dental implants are a realistic and viable solution to the often serious oral health problem of missing teeth. The permanence of dental implants is the main reason they are highly recommended by dentists. Dental implants offer more natural looking tooth replacement than other options and are easier to maintain. But how do you go about choosing the right dentist to install permanent dental implants? Continue reading for tips on how to choose the right dental implant professional.

Given the serious and permanent nature of dental implants, it is important that implants be placed properly and safely. This requires the dental professional to have education, training, and experience providing implants. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry maintains a list of credentialed practitioners who are dental implant experts. These individuals meet the training and competence requirements of the AAID. The ideal dentist for your implants must also be able to assess your condition and formulate a treatment plan that is right for you.

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Dealing with Common Dental Emergencies

Nobody wants to experience toothaches or broken teeth, but knowing what to do in a dental emergency can reduce your risk of complication. The best action you can take is to contact a dentist right away. You will need to set up an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some tips for relieving your suffering until you can reach professional help.

Tooth Emergencies

If you have a toothache , the first thing you can do is rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Avoid vigorous swishing, as this might cause more pain. Gently floss around the aching tooth to dislodge any possible food items that could be causing infection and swelling. If your tooth is chipped or broken, be sure to save any pieces if possible; the dentist may want to examine these.

Gum Emergencies

If your gums are sore, the best thing to do is to carefully floss and dislodge any food. If you notice a pimple-like spot on your gums, it could mean that you have a more serious condition. Rinse gently with warm salt water and make sure to get professional help as soon as possible. Never put any painkiller or alcohol based solutions directly on your infected gums, as this could cause more damage by chemically burning them.

Braces Emergencies

Broken wires and brackets can cause gum or soft tissue damage if not immediately dealt with. Use a soft object like an eraser to push the wire into a spot where it cannot cut the mouth. You can also try putting a small piece of orthodontic wax on it. Once you have positioned the broken wire or bracket safely, visit your dentist for a more permanent solution.

Again, it is imperative that you make an appointment for a dentist to examine your case. Emergency dental issues left untreated by a professional often lead to more pain and more expensive treatment later on. For a great emergency dentist near Orlando, contact Hunter’s Creek Dental at (407) 459-7168. We are available for emergencies whether you are a long time patient or on vacation in Orlando.