Positive and Professional Experience

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If you’re going to the dentist or thinking of any type of dental work, we encourage you to check out Hunter’s Creek Dental first. You will not be disappointed. Pam has just finished having dental implant work completed and we are so happy with Dr. Khan’s service. We have never had a more professional approach to dental work before. Pam was scared to death of the thought of having dental work done. From the first day, Pam and I knew that she was in the hands of professionals that truly cared about the need and special attention required by some patients. You will get the same service that we received. I want to tell you about a past that will leave you stunned; but right now, Pam and I want to “thank” Dr. Khan and the entire staff for a positive and professional experience we will never forget. You owe it to yourself to share the satisfaction and perfection we received.

Pam & Randy Orlando , FL March 23, 2016